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“The Connections” – “Plugged In” CD

A collection of original songs was produced during the winter of 2016 by a group of 16 people with disabilities, all part of the Music Matters group at Goolwa Community Centre, South Australia.

The Connections” are a mixed group – writing, singing and playing all instruments.

Their ages range from a woman of 83 to a lad of 20.

This CD was made with assistance from Art grants and the Alexandrina Council.

(Cost $15, Pick up only from Goolwa Community Centre)


“Black Dog” – Leigh Marshall
“Sometimes” – Collective composition (sample track below)
“Flipside” – Deb Sibley
“Things Ain’t Been The Same” – Noel Voysey
“Wellside” – Collective composition
“Water Flowing” – Noel Voysey

The Connections CD

” Having a disability gives one a rare insight into the human condition. Whether a physical, psychological or emotional disability, the person suffering must endure a range of circumstances outside the experience of “normal people. We all experience difficulties in our lives and can relate on whatever level to the songs and sentiments that “The Connections” produced in this collection.

Often a point of view arises from these difficulties that have a universal appeal as no man is an island and great courage is needed to openly express this. Also, the physical act of performance confronts members of the group in different ways. The grand sense of achievement that comes from writing, rehearsing, playing, recording and performing original material gives rise to advanced self esteem, self belief and satisfaction in a job well done.

Feelings of hopelessness, despair, social isolation and “being different” are endemic in our modern society. And so it is with great pride that we “The Connections” offer this collection to anyone who might have experienced similar circumstances in their lives.

I am immensely proud of the continued effort and enthusiasm of our group, and have been fortunate enough to witness the joy and pleasure that they experience in the process of creating something new. “

–    Leigh Marshall (Music group Coordinator)

(Cost $15, Pick up only from Goolwa Community Centre)